Data Maturity

The past decade has seen companies in media, advertising, marketing and commerce rapidly transition towards data-driven enterprises with user-level data becoming the main driver of the emergence of data-driven digital economies.  The IAB developed the Data Maturity Model whitepaper to define key components of the data lifecycle and use them as indicators of a company’s data maturity. This report establishes maturity rankings, from low (just getting started) to advanced (near ideal state and top of market).  The aim of this data maturity checklist is to aid senior executives in understanding where they or their clients and prospects rank and help guide further investment, implementation, and strategy.  This digital checklist should be used as a guide for self-assessment in parallel to the whitepaper which can downloaded at the end of the questionnaire.


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The IAB Data Center of Excellence's  mission is to define boundaries, reduce friction, and increase value along the data chain, for consumers, marketers, and the ecosystem that supports them.

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Data Maturity Model for Digital Advertising