What is this project all about?
As with any emerging and rapidly evolving discipline there’s limited information on where a specific company is on the scale of data adoption maturity and even less concrete advice on what specific investments should be made to systematically increase a company’s data capabilities. While several traditional data maturity models exist in other industries, the scale, variety and pace of change of data sets that are generated across digital channels warrant the design of a specialized data maturity model that can evolve as new channels and uses of customer data become apparent. We hope that this white paper will establish a data maturity model for publishers, agencies, brands and data technology vendors. The aim of this data maturity model is to aid senior executives in understanding where they or their clients and prospects rank and help guide further investment, implementation, and strategy.

Who can use this?
This project consists of a first pass at creating assets for publishers, brands, agencies and data technology providers so it has a very broad scope. Our hope is to continue refining and adding versions of checklists or modifications to the model regularly.

What was the process like?
We wanted it to be as collaborative and iterative as possible. A well-balanced team of volunteer members from the IAB Data Council provided feedback at draft stage.  Now that the assets are live, we hope for new iterations and for these to be living, breathing documents.

How does this relate to other IAB initiatives?
It’s very complementary to ongoing initiatives from the Data Council, the Certification Comission, some of the work the TechLab is taking on and other ongoing IAB projects. This is the type of asset that can be used as a foundation for everything from strategy definition through vendor evaluation and selection and supporting organizational design so its impact is expected to be far-reaching.

Data Maturity Model for Digital Advertising